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Why Privacy Matters


Massively interesting talk, that steers through the issues and concepts expertly.

Too often the debate is positioned at its polarised extremes:

  • Privacy is dead, bring on the technology
  • Kill the technology, save our privacy

… but I fervently believe it’s not a dichotomy. The always connected world and the ever increasing need for us to share more and more information does not kill privacy, it fuels the need for it.

With the current rate of change, to refuse to share data will disenfranchise one from society. But as we “need” to share data, we should focus more and more on “how” we share it. The debate will then shift to one of “control” over our data. Slowly structures and policies will develop that enable the sharing of information required, whilst giving us the control over how it is shared in a manner to protect our privacy.

The unconnected world is dead. The need for privacy is greater than ever.  The technology has a place to provide massive benefits.

Privacy AND Technology. NOT Privacy OR Technology.

Incredible Talent Now Working With Allevate

I’m incredibly pleased with the array of talent that is now cooperatively working with Allevate.

Today’s announcement detailing the individuals that are supporting Allevate’s mission to enhance public safety through the application of identification technologies whilst improving the operational efficiency of law enforcement and government agencies reflects on the powerful benefits our solutions can provide.

Amazing biomotric technology is not enough. A scalable and proven cloud-based architecture that blends the matching algorithms in a manner that adopts to the forensic investigation workflow seamlessly, coupled with deep insight of customer challenges and processes, is required to ensure maximum benefit.

Allevate Appoints Non-Executive Director and Welcomes Senior Associates


Appointment of a non-executive director and highly reputable associates further enhances Allevate’s ability to support law-enforcement to combat organised crime, fight terrorism and enhance public order whilst improving operational efficiency.


London, UK, 21st October 2013: Allevate today announced the appointment of a non-executive director and broadens its team through the addition of two senior associates that are highly regarded by industry and the public sector alike. These additions enhance our strong understanding of biometric technology and its practical application in critical infrastructure as well as add operational knowledge of business change management within the context of large government programmes.

Allevate, through its partnership with US-based Tygart Technology, offers the MXSERVER automated media analysis and exploitation system. This server-based and cloud-architected system enables forensic investigators to process an order of magnitude more digital media, comprising both video and photo collections. It quickly transforms media extracted from online sources, captured computers, mobile phones, flash cards and video surveillance systems into searchable resources.

Assuming a non-executive directorship with responsibility for governance, compliance and strategic business planning oversight is Gerard Citroen. Carl Gohringer, founder and managing director of Allevate, says “Gerard’s greater than 25 years’ experience in several large B2B companies in complex high technology environments will make him absolutely instrumental in our strategic corporate planning activities.”

Also supporting Allevate’s client and project focused activities henceforth shall be Mike Franklin and Peter Wales who bring decades of major UK government biometric project experience to our clients. Gohringer continues “Peter’s experience in aiding UK government with cost-benefit analysis and business case formation and Mike’s hands on experience with public sector biometric implementations and large-system architectures will ensure successful deployments of MXSERVER with our clients. The involvement of such reputable industry experts is further testament to the powerful benefits provided by MXSERVER and its applicability to our clients’ requirements.”

Tygart’s MXSERVER is already widely deployed with multiple US Department of Defense customers and is made available by Allevate on the UK G-Cloud Cloudstore. Cloudstore is open to all UK public sector clients and is designed to provide a simple streamlined process for buying ICT focused products and services as a commodity from the catalogue without having to invite competitive tenders from suppliers.


About Allevate Limited

Founded in London in 2007, Allevate works with law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies to enhance public safety by ensuring positive identification through the application of biometric and identification technology. AMAIS: Automated Media Analysis for Intelligence Searching.

Our relationships with best-of-breed technology suppliers and our extensive network of trusted industry experts coupled with our market intelligence and knowledge of trends ensures we are well positioned to deliver solutions that:

  • Ensure Positive Identification
  • Enhance Public Safety
  • Reduce Operational Costs

Visit us at , email us at, call us on +44 20 3239 6399, follow us on Twitter at @Allevate and follow us on LinkedIN at :


Biometrics 2013: Privacy at the cross road: A debate on frameworks

Allevate’s Carl Gohringer is pleased to be participating as a panellist at this week’s debate at Biometrics 2013 on privacy within the context of biometrics.

Tuesday 15th October, 1600, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK


Privacy at the cross road: A debate on frameworks
As biometrics become part of our daily lives, the issue of privacy and the protection of personal identifiable information (PII) such as biometric data is beginning to take centre stage.

There will be an exciting opportunity for anonymous audience participation via mobile devices.

This debate will review the pressing issues with respect to privacy and the role of the biometrics industry in it.

The audience will hear the views of prominent privacy experts that will explain what is at stake and why legal frameworks have been difficult to develop so far, and also from industry experts who will give the market perspective and the industry concern regarding the chilling effect of over-reaching privacy legislation.

Delegates will also be invited to play an active role in what promises to be an exciting dialogue on the future of privacy and the role of the biometrics industry in it.