Monthly Archives: December 2013

Allevate is Pleased to be Presenting at the 2014 Counter Terror Expo Conference

… in the Practical Counter Terrorism Conference, Day 2, 301th April, 2014


Countering the Terrorist Threat via Digital Media Analysis

  • Exploiting digital media to enhance public safety whilst reducing operational budgets
  • Easy and cost-effective routes to access the intelligence in digital media held by law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • Using face recognition technology to depict individuals of interest


Merry Christmas from Allevate and Looking Forward to what the New Year Brings!

2013 is looking to have been a pivotal year for Allevate.

It has been a year of new challenges and new focus.

A successful business is defined by more than monetary success. It encapsulates positive social and societal impact.

Whilst it has not been easy, I firmly believe our endevours have real potential to make a difference by contributing to the safety of our society and enhancing the efficiency of our public services.

Looking back at 2013, new relationships and partnerships have been established, new friendships forged and a nascent and growing team established with synergistic enthusiasm, vision, drive and skills.

To the new team and everybody else that has supported me along the way: I’m honored and grateful for your support.

To my family: Thank you for your understanding.

We are leaving 2013 wiser but with definite and strong momentum to carry us into 2014.

I’m very much looking forward to continued hard-work and a successful 2014.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

Allevate Seeking UK Policing SME to Join Our Team as an Associate Partner

Our enhanced team fully integrated and functioning well! Now looking to further expand the team with a senior policing subject matter expert, suited to a retired senior UK police officer looking to get involved in an exciting new public safety venture with a strong passion to continue to make a difference and improve the safety of society.