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2017 is now well underway so I wanted to take a moment and wish everybody a Happy New Year and provide a brief update. Face-Searcher launched with Facewatch in Brazil After having jointly launched Allevate’s new Face-Searcher Face Recognition  as a Service in Brazil last year in partnership with Facewatch, we are very pleased and excited by the uptake of the service that we have been seeing so far. Upcoming Face-Searcher launch in the UK Having initially launched our service successfully overseas, we are now working very hard to negotiate hosting agreements with a strategic hosting partner and we will be looking to launch […]

Happy New Year. A Brief Update from Allevate. See us ...

  Allevate’s Cloud-hosted Face-Searcher face recognition service integrated with Facewatch’s digital crime reporting system to feature in UK Security Expo’s Securing Crowded Places Immersive Demonstrator. Nationally available in Brazil, UK launch imminent.   LONDON, UK 25th November 2016: Allevate and Facewatch today announce that Allevate’s Face-Searcher, a cloud-hosted face recognition service integrated with Facewatch’s online crime reporting system, will feature in the Securing Crowed Places Immersive Demonstrator at the UK Security Expo on the 30th November and 1st December 2016 at Olympia, London. After its successful Brazilian launch, the integrated offering is now due for imminent launch in the UK. […]

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A test-run of Allevate’s Face-Searcher service integrated with the online Facewatch crime reporting system: A camera with a lightweight laptop in the UK Detecting and cropping faces from the video stream Submitting image files of cropped faces for ultra-scalable and accurate face matching in the Cloud in Amazon Web Services in USA. … with Watchlist data syncronised with a Facewatch test instance in Amazon Web Services in Brazil … reporting Alerts to the Facewatch test subscriber back in the UK, all in under 3 seconds from sighting of suspect. Why? Because we can, and to demonstrate the flexibility of our cloud-based matching system.   […]

Allevate’s Face-Searcher in Action: Cloud-Enabled Face Recognition

  Allevate’s Cloud-Hosted Face-Searcher Face Recognition Service integrated with the Facewatch secure online crime reporting system is launched in Brasil. This integrated offering, to all organisations large or small, enables the provision of face recognition in the cloud, matching against data-sets created from real-time crime reporting.   LONDON, UK and Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 17 August 2016:  Allevate today announces the launch of its Face-Searcher service, enabling organisations, large or small, to utilise facial recognition as a hosted cloud service. Additionally, Facewatch, the secure online crime reporting system, announces immediate availability of an integrated Facewatch and Face-Searcher offering, launching initially in Brasil. Facewatch enables organisations to report crimes online […]

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I’m incredibly pleased with the array of talent that is now cooperatively working with Allevate. Today’s announcement detailing the individuals that are supporting Allevate’s mission to enhance public safety through the application of identification technologies whilst improving the operational efficiency of law enforcement and government agencies reflects on the powerful benefits our solutions can provide. Amazing biomotric technology is not enough. A scalable and proven cloud-based architecture that blends the matching algorithms in a manner that adopts to the forensic investigation workflow seamlessly, coupled with deep insight of customer challenges and processes, is required to ensure maximum benefit.

Incredible Talent Now Working With Allevate

You can download a PDF copy of this article by clicking this link. Governments are implementing the most severe budget cuts of recent times. Against this backdrop, threats from terrorism, organised crime and public disorder continue to rise. Yet recent statistics in the UK demonstrate that authorities can remain resilient and still ensure law-and-order. The targeted application of technology can further increase resilience and the readiness to respond to major events. The relentless advance in the accuracy of face recognition technology, increase in the availability of digital media and mass availability of cheap computing power now provide unique opportunities to […]

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There has been an explosion in digital media. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have amassed large collections of video and photographs from multiple sources that are stored in multiple file formats. There is a need to automate the processing of this raw data to turn it into actionable intelligence to enable you to “connect the dots”. Discover how solutions available from Allevate can dramatically save you time and help you to operate more efficiently by applying data mining principles to digital media: Automatically find and match faces from huge stores of videos and photos. Identify individuals from watchlists and track […]

Turn Masses of Video in Archives into Actionable Intelligence

You can download a PDF copy of this article by clicking this link. The accuracy of face recognition has increased dramatically. Though biometric technologies have typically been deployed by governments and law enforcement agencies to ensure public, transport and border safety, this improvement in accuracy has not gone unnoticed by retailers and other commercial organisations. Niche biometric companies are being snapped up by internet and social media behemoths to further their commercial interests, and retailers and other enterprises are experimenting with the technology to categorise customers, analyse trends and identify VIPs and repeat spenders. Whilst the benefits to business are clear […]

Article: Face Recognition: Profit, Ethics and Privacy

NEC Corporation of America announced that it has been awarded a multiyear contract with the Western Identification Network, Inc. (WIN) to modernize WIN’s multistate criminal identification system across 8 US states. WIN is a non-profit organisation that provides identification services to law enforcement in: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and California (as an interface member). WIN has been a long-standing customer of NEC America, and this contract was re-competed last year. The re-award of the contract to NEC is a testament to the skill and efforts of their team in Sacramento, and the quality of the NEC […]

Western Identification Network Selects NEC for Criminal AFIS Across 8 ...

I’m looking forward to the Biometrics2011 conference in London next week. One of the more interesting presentations is the Biometrics and Identity Matching as a Software Service panel discussion at the end of the last day. In my view, this is a topic that is ripe for discussion, given the current levels of indebtedness of our governments. With the current wave of austerity sweeping the world’s nations at the moment, most programmes entailing large capital expenditure are out, unless they demonstrate significant return on investment in the same fiscal year; large government IT projects take years to re-coup investment. Suppliers […]

Biometrics 2011: Panel Biometric Matching as a Software Service (SaaS)