CyberExtruder Announces the Release of Aureus 3D Version 5

Allevate is pleased to be cooperating with CyberExtruder who have just announced the release of Aureus 3D Version 5.7, which achieves product performance at speeds unprecedented in the industry.

CyberExtruder says “With our 128-byte face template size – the smallest in the industry – we can perform matching on a database of 7.5 billion people (the world population) in 4.69 seconds. With speeds at this level coupled with superior accuracy and scalability, Aureus 3D Version 5.7 will change the industry. There’s nothing of its kind anywhere.”


Allevate Quoted in a BBC News Article on Face Recognition

Allevate’s founder is quoted in an article by Mark Smith, entitled “Smile, you’re on camera, and it knows who you are“.

Carl Gohringer, founder and director at Allevate, a facial recognition firm that works with law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies, says: “The amount of media – such as videos and photos – available to us as individuals, organisations and businesses, and to intelligence and law enforcement agencies, is staggering.

“We’re well beyond the point where all of it is usable or viewable by us as human beings. So technology will be applied that results in new and interesting mechanisms of accessing, analysing, ordering, structuring and processing this visual minefield.”

Combatting Crime and Protecting Crowded Places. Face Recognition in the Cloud Demonstrated at UK Security Expo 2016 in London.


newsreleaseAllevate’s Cloud-hosted Face-Searcher face recognition service integrated with Facewatch’s digital crime reporting system to feature in UK Security Expo’s Securing Crowded Places Immersive Demonstrator. Nationally available in Brazil, UK launch imminent.


LONDON, UK 25th November 2016: Allevate and Facewatch today announce that Allevate’s Face-Searcher, a cloud-hosted face recognition service integrated with Facewatch’s online crime reporting system, will feature in the Securing Crowed Places Immersive Demonstrator at the UK Security Expo on the 30th November and 1st December 2016 at Olympia, London. After its successful Brazilian launch, the integrated offering is now due for imminent launch in the UK.

The Immersive Demonstrator at UK Security Expo 2016 will be under the theme of ‘Securing Crowded Places’ and is being run in association with The Home Office JSaRC, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and other relevant Government Departments.

Allevate’s Face-Searcher service enables organisations to utilise facial recognition as a hosted cloud service. It requires minimal capital outlay, incorporates advanced, world-class face recognition technology and eliminates the need to install or maintain a complicated software infrastructure or related compute platform on clients’ premises.

Facewatch enables organisations to report crimes online and submit moving and still CCTV images as evidence to the police, as well as share this imagery between businesses in related subscribed groups (in compliance with Data Protection guidelines) to reduce crime.

Following an imminent UK launch, UK Facewatch subscribers will be able to instantly and automatically share their images of Subjects of Interest to Face-Searcher’s watchlists, thereby allowing real-time watchlist alerting to any device connected to Facewatch’s integrated alert management system. This integrated offering will help businesses prevent crime by warning them if someone entering their premises is on a watchlist of known offenders.

Face-Searcher is built on the industry-proven enterprise-grade MXSERVERTM platform enabling automated facial detection and recognition, developed by Tygart Technology, Inc.

Additionally, Allevate will be providing a live demonstration of the MXSERVERTM platform in the Technology Workshops and Live Demonstrations in the conference stream of the exhibition, entitled “Beyond Live Surveillance: The Application of Face Recognition to Improve Forensic Analysis of Masses of Digital Media“, Day 2, 1st December, 2016 at 1240pm.

MXSERVERTM is also available on the UK’s Crown Commercial Service Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 8 Framework and is Powered by Sungard Availability Services.

Find out more on stand A41 at the exposition, in collaboration with Sungard Availability Services.

About Allevate Limited

Founded in London in 2007, Allevate works with law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies to enhance public safety by ensuring positive identification through the application of biometric and identification technology.

  • Ensure Positive Identification
  • Enhance Public Safety
  • Reduce Operational Costs

Visit us at http://allevate.com, email us at contact@allevate.com, call us on +44 20 3239 6399 and follow us at @Allevate.

About Facewatch

Founded in London in 2010, Facewatch has worked with UK policing to create the world’s first private sector crime reporting platform that enables business and police to share information securely and instantly.

Visit us at http://www.facewatch.co.uk, email us at info@facewatch.co.uk, call us on +44 20 7930 3225 and follow us at @Facewatch.

About Tygart Technology, Inc.

Tygart Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise-grade video and photographic analysis and biometric recognition systems. Tygart provides the U.S. Military, Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement markets with innovative software solutions that manage and automate the processing of massive volumes of digital video and photograph collections.

Visit us at http://www.tygart.com or call 1-304-363-6855.

Allevate Seeking Global Distributors and Agents for Face-Searcher Service

Allevate is actively seeking global distributors and agents for its new cloud-hosted Face-Searcher Service integrated with Facewatch’s secure online crime reporting service. The integrated offering enables businesses, public and police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images within groups and then utilise cloud-hosted face recognition to raise alerts back to the business.

Key Benefits:

  • No complicated software to install or maintain.
  • Enables businesses to collaborate with each other and the police by sharing imagery.
  • Integrated with the industry’s best biometric algorithms.
  • Affordable monthly service fee with no or minimal up-front capital expenditure.


Already launched in Brazil, the integrated service is available globally and we are now seeking both:

  • Leading security and surveillance organisations to act as a distribution channel.
  • Agents to manage and on-board distributors within specific geographic territories.

The Value to You

Our integrated offering supplies our distribution channel with an affordable, SaaS structured offering to augment your already successful and credible security and surveillance operation with a cloud-hosted and easy to maintain facial recognition service.

Coupled with your extensive experience in CCTV installation and configuration and control room and monitoring services, it adds further value that enables your customers to collaborate with each other and the police and to further enhance the security of their premises with face recognition.


If you are interested or to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Download a datasheet on Face-Searcher here.