Face-Searcher: Facial Recognition as a Hosted Cloud Service

Integrated with Facewatch, Allevate’s Face-Searcher enables organisations, large or small, to utilise facial recognition as a hosted cloud service. Requires minimal capital outlay. Incorporates advanced, world-class face recognition technology without the need to install or maintain a complicated software infrastructure or related compute platform on your premises. Simply point your cameras at Face-Searcher and manage your watchlists and alerts using our easy-to-use web-based interface, or subscribe to our partner Facewatch for ready-to-use watchlist data.

  1. Face-Searcher and Facewatch launched nationally in Brazil!

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Facial Recognition as a Cloud Service … No Complicated Installation Necessary.

Simply utilise Face-Searcher, an enterprise-grade and highly scalable face recognition solution running on infrastructure provided by our hosting partners. Realise economies of scale by sharing Face Searcher with other subscribers or request your own private and dedicated instances.

Also, speak to us about options to enable Face-Searcher in your own private cloud.


Integrates with you IP CamerasFace Searcher Cloud

Sending a complete video stream from all your cameras over the Internet to Face-Searcher can be bandwidth intensive. Allevate resolves this problem by:

Using Face-Searcher Edge

Utilise Face-Searcher with any IP camera. Install Allevate’s light-weight Face-Searcher Edge application on your network to receive video streams from your cameras. Utilising highly accurate face detection and cropping algorithms, the Face-Searcher Edge only sends still frames containing individual cropped faces  to the Face Searcher service.

Install Face-Searcher Edge on your existing servers or deploy on ultra lightweight, low-cost and portable platforms or directly onto the camera.


Intuitive and Easy to Use Web Interface Using Your Favourite Browser

Access Face-Searcher using your favourite browser to:

  • Manage and maintain your watchlists.
  • Respond to, adjudicate and maintain your watchlists alerts.

Also, speak to us about automating and pushing your watchlist alerts to your existing security systems.


The Face-Searcher Service is Integrated with Facewatch

Face-Searcher can be run on it’s own or alternatively integrated with your existing security systems.Facewatch_Logo_Colour_CMYK copy

Face-Searcher has also been integrated with the Facewatch secure online crime reporting service. Facewatch enables businesses, public and police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images within groups for the prevention of crime and by submitting CCTV evidence and witness statements to the police to help solve crimes.

If you are a Facewatch subscriber, your Face-Searcher watchlist data can be automatically synchronised with your Facewatch Subject of Interest data associated with your Premises and Face-Searcher watchlist alerts can be automatically pushed to you through your Facewatch subscription.


Face-Searcher is Built on the Industry-Proven Enterprise-Grade MXSERVER Platform

MXSERVER, from Tygart Technology, is the only product on the market designed to handle Big Data (massive amounts of photos and videos). MXSERVER utilises a cloud-based architecture for faster parallel processing of services. Cloud computing provides MXSERVER the ability to rapidly scale to ultra-large deployments.

Enterprise-Grade MXSERVER is already proven and being utilised by Defence, Intelligence and Law Enforcement organisations.


Manually Upload Archived Video to Enable Forensic Searching

Users of Face-Searcher can optionally take advantage of MXSERVER’s full suite of features, including utilising the ability to upload video for forensic investigation to:MXSERVER Links and Associations

  • Automatically find, extract and index faces to enable biometric and biographic searching of media.
  • Find and cross-reference all media instances in which a person of interest has been seen.
  • Identify, locate, and track persons of interest, their associates and their activities across all media.
  • Discover, document and view links between people of interest, their activities and networks.
  • Use of metadata (including geo data) in the media to enhance investigations and association of data.
  • Integration into existing system environments, databases and components via a flexible API.

You can read more on using MXSERVER to enable Intelligence and Efficiency through On-Demand Media Analysis using Face Recognition here.


Face-Searcher uses Top-of-the-Range Biometric Algorithms

MXSERVER is agnostic to and can be deployed with multiple commercially available face recognition algorithms. It is already integrated with multiple face recognition algorithms that have been evaluated by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, such as Toshiba’s Face Recognition Software Library.


A Monthly Service Fee Requires Minimal Up-Front Capital Expenditure

The monthly service fee is determined by the number of cameras integrated with Face Searcher and the size of watchlist you are searching against. Realise economies of scale by sharing Face Searcher with other subscribers or request your own private and dedicated instances.

You can immediately use Face-Searcher, with no complex software installation, to benefit from the accuracy of the industry’s best face recognition solutions in a cloud-enabled shared-services environment with a simple easy to understand monthly subscription fee.