Video:Enhancing Public Safety with Automated Media Analysis


Allevate Presents MXSERVER from Tygart Technology

Security concerns are increasing. Incidents of public disorder and organized crime are on the rise.

The challenges for security services grow more complex. The 7/7 and Boston bombings vividly illustrated the impact of smaller, less sophisticated and more fragmented extremist activities.

Simultaneously, Governments are implementing the most severe budget cuts of recent times. In this landscape, technology can play an increasingly vital role in more efficiently enhancing public safety.

Our security services are faced with a relentless increase in digital media – from police body cameras , online sources such as Facebook and YouTube, confiscated phones and computers and, increasingly, “crowd-sourced” from members of the public.

Allevate is offering MXSERVER from Tygart Technology, a solution that can ingest, analyse and index huge quantities of video and photo media – identifying and highlighting useable intelligence. Trained investigators are freed to intelligently apply their skills without having to view countless hours of media.

Working with Allevate, our security services can more efficiently enhance public safety. We help unlock the intelligence within the vast amounts of media available to police faster than ever before, freeing them to focus on what they are trained to do best – solving and preventing crime and terrorism.

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