A selection of past and present MXSERVER Clients.

Baku2015 First European Games

Working with Prilyx, Allevate was responsible for the successful sale of MXSERVER to help ensure the safety of the First European Games in Azerbaijan.


Proven Deployments with US Federal Agencies

MXSERVER is being utilized by Defence, Intelligence and Law Enforcement organisations and has proven its ROI to these customers over the past two years. MXSERVER’s Cloud and Web-based architecture has been operationally proven to scale from small dual-server configurations to as large as thirty-two server installations. MXSERVER can be right-sized to meet an organisation’s current processing needs and is flexible to be incrementally scaled to meet future demand.

Customers include:

    • United States Department of Defence (multiple) – due to confidentiality agreements the names of these organisations who are operationally using MXSERVER cannot be publically disclosed. Government-to government communications can be facilitated on a case-by-case basis.
  • West Virginia Fusion Centre – The West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Centre facilitates the collaboration of local, state, and federal law enforcement, public safety agencies, and the private sector in order to protect citizens. It is currently using MXSERVER to create a searchable repository utilizing mug shots and faces extracted from photographs and videos.