Our Partners


Tygart Technology Inc. (https://www.tygart.com) was founded in 1992. Tygart designs and develops commercial software products and provides an array of Information Technology (IT) consulting services for state and federal government clients. Tygart is focused on helping our customers understand and leverage the Internet as an enabling technology – capable of providing huge gains in productivity, intellectual capital, and quality of service. Tygart’s consultants provide a full-spectrum of services across all aspects of a program’s life cycle including, enterprise strategic planning, architecture design, software development, and system operation and maintenance.

CyberExtruder (https://cyberextruder.com)  has been a pioneer in the field of converting 2D imagery into 3D models since 1999. This technique is now central to their signature Aureus 3D family of Face Recognition software for OEMs and Integrators. Allevate has integrated Aureus into into our Face-Searcher Cloud Face Recognition Service to enable highly accurate face detection and cropping from video streams on the EDGE. With high rankings in the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test, we have confidence in CyberExtruder’s products.

Since its inception in 2002, International Trading Group (ITG) (http://www.itgme.com/)  in Lebanon has been a regional leader in homeland security solutions with incomparable capabilities in deploying turnkey governmental, institutional, and infrastructural projects.
Given its strategic and long-term partnerships and alliances with internationally recognized manufacturers and systems integrators, ITG has proven to be the partner of choice for any mission.

The Integrated Systems (TIS) (http://www.tis.ae/), a subsidiary of ITG in the UAE, is a company specialised in providing integrated physical security solutions for institutional, commercial and industrial businesses and organisations.
With branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, TIS has been operating in the MENA region for more than 10 years providing its clients with a wide range of security products and solutions to match all sorts of physical security requirements.

Tayfe Sciences (https://www.tayfe.com/) is a Saudi technology and service company with partners in the USA, UK, India, Turkey, Nepal, Egypt and Dubai. We provide advanced technologies, products and services. Tayfe is at the forefront of Saudi Digital Transformation Economy. Our Expertise and technical innovation encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cybersecurity, Blockchain platforms and services and C4ISR. With 20 years’ experience in USA and Saudi we help our partners establish a foothold in the Saudi markets

Sungard Availability Services UK (https://www.sungardas.com/) delivers secure, resilient IT infrastructure and organisational availability services through a unique combination of scalable, managed IT production environments and Workplace Recovery centres.


Secom (http://www.secomitalia.com/) has delivered advanced technological systems for public security since 1984.
Secom is in the field of electronic systems, developing innovative IT solutions for security and health applications.
Secom is the IT partner of the Italian Ministry of Interiors and of the Arma dei Carabinieri (Italy’s National Guard), Guardia di Finanza and Gruppo FS (National Company for Rail Transport).


Toshiba (https://www.toshiba.co.jp/sis/en/scd/face/face.htm) has extensive experience and proven capabilities in face recognition and features a proprietary high-performance face recognition engine.
Read more on our relationship with Toshiba here.


A Premier Identity and Biometric Consultancy

KJMP LLC (http://www.kjmp.org) is a premier consultancy company offering solutions to take identity and biometric data to the next step.