Face Recognition Media Exploitation System for Law Enforcement now available on UK ‘CloudStore’ – G-Cloud iii

newsreleaseAllevate and Methods join forces to offer a solution that automates forensic bulk-processing of media for intelligence purposes on the Government Procurement Service CloudStore – G-Cloud iii Framework.  

 The solution is proven with US Federal Agencies to provide an “Order of Magnitude” efficiency gain and significantly enhanced identification of suspects.

 LONDON, UK 13th May 2013: Allevate Limited and Methods today announced their collaboration to help improve UK society by making a face recognition and media processing solution to combat organised crime, terrorist activities and civil unrest available on the Government’s CloudStore – G-Cloud iii.

 With the explosion in digital media due to the ubiquity of smart phones, other portable devices and CCTV, many law enforcement and intelligence agencies have amassed large collections of video and photographs from multiple sources such as confiscated hardware, on-line sources and surveillance cameras.  However, there is no easy and cost-effective way to access the intelligence this media contains and respond rapidly when atrocities occur.  Experienced and expensive human capital must be assigned the rote task of watching countless of hours of video in the hope of finding useful information.  In response, Allevate is offering the MXSERVER solution from Tygart Technology to the EU market.

 The G-Cloud catalogue or ‘CloudStore’ is open to all public sector clients and is designed to provide a simple streamlined process for buying ICT focused products and services as a commodity from the catalogue without having to invite tenders from suppliers.

 Carl Gohringer, founder and Managing Director of Allevate, says “Methods is one of top firms in the UK working with healthcare, central government and local services.  Allevate is proud to collaborate with such a reputable company to offer specialist innovative solutions to the UK Public Sector.”  Peter Rowlins, Chief Executive of Methods, comments “We are pleased to announce Methods’ successful inclusion in the new GCloud iii Framework, awarded by Government Procurement Service on the 4th May 2013.  G-Cloud is now in its third iteration, and the range of services available has expanded significantly.”

 Rowlins continues “We are always at the forefront of innovative thinking and adoption of new technologies.  Given Allevate’s experience with biometrics and understanding of the UK public safety market, we are pleased to be able to offer the unique MXSERVER proposition on the CloudStore.  It is already proven to provide a significant return on investment to US Federal Defence, Intelligence and Law Enforcement organisations.  We are looking forward to providing these same benefits to UK law enforcement.”

 To understand better how MXSERVER can help to create actionable intelligence with less manpower by exploiting the masses of raw media in your possession, contact Allevate Limited at contact@allevate.com.

 MXSERVER can be found on the Cloudstore here:



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Methods is a UK based privately owned medium-sized company that is at the forefront of delivering public services for the digital age.  Methods has offices in London and Edinburgh, with a 20 year track record of working with all UK public services.

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