Face-Searcher Edge Detection

Combined with Face-Searcher Edge Detection capabilities, Tygart’s MXSERVER™ delivers “ubiquitous identification” – the ability to rapidly identify an unknown person anywhere, anytime and using any face capture device and/or video/digital camera which has Internet or LAN connectivity. This enables military, security personnel, forensic examiners, intelligence analysts, and law enforcement investigators to:

  • Identify persons-of-interest using face recognition
  • Continuously monitor large arrays of video surveillance devices to detect and identify persons of interest
  • Identify, locate, and track persons of interest, their associates and their activities across time and locations
  • Identify individuals in field environments using smart phones – including the ability to quickly scan crowds for threats using a mobile device’s embedded video camera
  • Manage cameras and other sensors, watchlists, and face indexed video/photo repositories in the cloud
  • Generate, manage and transmit match notifications and alerts in the cloud
  • Collect and search Social Media content using face detection and face recognition
  • Rapidly add new video analytic algorithms into MXSERVER’s highly flexible and scalable video processing workflow framework

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Integrates with your IP Cameras

Sending a complete video stream from all your cameras over the Internet to MXSERVER can be bandwidth intensive. Edge detection capability analyses a video stream locally without requiring the video stream to be transferred to the server. This enables an organisation to create a large sensor array of ML-enabled detection devices (IoT devices, mobile phones, tablets and video surveillance cameras) that can continuously and autonomously capture biometric samples (faces) to detect and alert when persons-of-interest are present.

Using Face-Searcher Edge Locally on Windows for Multiple Cameras

Utilise Allevate’s Face-Searcher on a Windows Workstation to manage multiple IP cameras. This lightweight application on your network receives video streams from multiple cameras. Utilising highly accurate face detection and cropping algorithms, the Face-Searcher Edge only submits face images to MXSERVER for biometric matching against watch lists.

Using Tygart’s Matchbox® Appliance

MatchBox® Edge is a small low-cost network appliance which connects to a single live video stream and automatically detects, tracks, extracts and submits face images to MXSERVER for biometric matching against watch lists.

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