Allevate Presents on Cloud-Based Media Analysis and Face Recognition at Counter Terror Expo 2014 in London


Allevate announces that it will be presenting a cloud-based media analysis solution incorporating face recognition that is used by the US DoD at the upcoming Counter Terror Expo 2014 Conference in London, UK,  on the 30th April 2014 .

London, UK, 25th April 2014: Allevate today announced that it will be presenting Tygart Technology’s MXSERVER, a media analysis and face recognition solution currently being used by the US Department of Defense, at this year’s Counter Terror Expo conference at the Olympia Conference Centre in London.

The presentation, entitled Countering the Terrorist Threat via Digital Media Analysis, will occur in the Practical Counter Terrorism Conference, Day 2, 30th April, 2014. (

  • Exploiting digital media to enhance public safety whilst reducing operational budgets
  • Easy and cost-effective routes to access the intelligence in digital media held by law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • Indexing media by the faces it contains allowing investigators to interrogate media by face

Our security services are faced with a relentless increase in digital media – from police body cameras , online sources such as Facebook and YouTube, surveillance systems, confiscated phones and computers and, increasingly, “crowd-sourced” from members of the public.

MXSERVER is a cloud-architected solution that can ingest, analyse and index huge quantities of video and photo media –thereby transforming them into searchable resources and identifying and highlighting useable intelligence. Trained investigators are freed to intelligently apply their skills without having to view countless hours of media.

Police, intelligence and government agencies in the UK can install MXSERVER in their own private cloud on their own premises, or rent access to the solution hosted in an environment accredited to impact level IL 3 /4 to enable them to unlock the intelligence within the vast amounts of media  faster than ever before, freeing them to focus on what they are trained to do best – solving and preventing crime and terrorism.


About Allevate Limited

Founded in London in 2007, Allevate works with law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies to enhance public safety by ensuring positive identification through the application of biometric and identification technology. AMAIS: Automated Media Analysis for Intelligence Searching.

Our relationships with best-of-breed technology suppliers and our extensive network of trusted industry experts coupled with our market intelligence and knowledge of trends ensures we are well positioned to deliver solutions that:

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  • Enhance Public Safety
  • Reduce Operational Costs

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