Turn Masses of Video in Archives into Actionable Intelligence

There has been an explosion in digital media. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have amassed large collections of video and photographs from multiple sources that are stored in multiple file formats. There is a need to automate the processing of this raw data to turn it into actionable intelligence to enable you to “connect the dots”.

Discover how solutions available from Allevate can dramatically save you time and help you to operate more efficiently by appsurveillancelying data mining principles to digital media:

  • Automatically find and match faces from huge stores of videos and photos.
  • Identify individuals from watchlists and track them across multiple videos.
  • Extract faces from video and automatically cross-reference with all other video.
  • Associate multiple videos and photos based upon their active content and the individuals they contain.
  • Apply enhanced link analysis to identity an individual across multiple video sources.
  • Automatically build links between different individuals based on their associations in media, whether they be known or unknown.
  • Automatically and graphically display web-based drill down link analysis diagrams.
  • Determine “Pattern of Life” analysis for specific individuals and flag deviations from the norm.
  • Manage and access your entire video and photo repository from a single web interface. (automatically transforming multiple video formats)
  • Apply powerful analytical tools to your digital media content.

Work more efficiently. Get more results. Exploit the masses of raw media from multiple sources to create actionable intelligence with less manpower.

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