Why Privacy Matters

Massively interesting talk, that steers through the issues and concepts of why privacy matters expertly.

Too often the debate is positioned at its polarised extremes:

  • Privacy is dead, bring on the technology
  • Kill the technology, save our privacy

… but I fervently believe it’s not a dichotomy. The always connected world and the ever increasing need for us to share more and more information does not kill privacy, it fuels the need for it.

With the current rate of change, to refuse to share data will disenfranchise one from society. But as we “need” to share data, we should focus more and more on “how” we share it. The debate will then shift to one of “control” over our data. Slowly structures and policies will develop that enable the sharing of information required, whilst giving us the control over how it is shared in a manner to protect our privacy.

The unconnected world is dead. The need for privacy is greater than ever.  The technology has a place to provide massive benefits.

Privacy AND Technology. NOT Privacy OR Technology.

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