Baku 2015 First European Games used Video Analysis Incorporating Facial Recognition to Enhance Public Safety


Baku2015 First European Games used Video Analysis Incorporating Facial Recognition to Enhance Public Safety

London, UK and West Virginia, US,  13th July 2015–

Allevate Limited and Tygart Technology, Inc. today announced that, in a progressive move toward enhancing and protecting public safety, Azerbaijan authorities commissioned and deployed a powerful video and photo analysis platform incorporating face recognition during the inaugural European Olympic Committee’s Baku 2015 First European Games. Attended by 6,00o athletes from over 50 countries with over 600,000 tickets sold, the MXSERVER solution provided both Border and Customs and full stadium surveillance throughout the 16-day event. Additionally, should a breach of public safety have occurred, MXSERVER’s powerful forensic analysis platform was on hand to dramatically improve the efficiency of any post-incident investigation.

Operational throughout the games at border entry points and specific venues, MXSERVER automatically used face recognition technology to search the watch list and alert the authorities, in real time, when and if an individual of interest had been sighted. Powerfully, this video and photo analysis platform was also capable of indexing all captured face images. Should an incident have occurred during the Games, this would have dramatically boosted the efficiency of investigators by enabling them to rapidly find individuals in collected media and answer questions such as: “Where has this person been seen before?”, “Who were they with?” and “When did they arrive at the airport or venue?”

A high ranking government official stated “We were impressed with the fluidity and operation of MXSERVER. Its capability to aid in the automation of video and photo monitoring and analysis meant that in the event of a threat to public safety we would have been able to respond more quickly to prevent or limit repercussions such as a possible loss of life.”

Carl Gohringer of Allevate Limited said “The agnostic and flexible nature of MXSERVER ensured we were able to select the most appropriate face recognition algorithm for this unique deployment”. He continued “We were very proud to be involved with the provision of these proven technologies to help support the safe and successful completion of this high profile sporting event.”

John Waugaman of Tygart Technology added “MXSERVER’s proven ability to be quickly integrated into security systems and scale to ultra-large database sizes meant that we were easily able to accommodate the European Games’ processing requirements in a virtualised server environment. Further scalability incorporating any number of cameras poses no problem.”



MXSERVER is a cloud-architected face recognition system that processes vast quantities of video and photo collections extracted from police body cameras, online sources, surveillance systems, confiscated hardware and, increasingly, “crowd-sourced” from the public.

MXSERVER can transform these digital assets into searchable resources. Using face recognition technology it searches media archives to find individuals of interest. It also indexes the media to enable it to be searched using a photograph. Trained investigators are freed to intelligently apply their skills without having to view countless hours of media.

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