Allevate Now Offering Toshiba’s Face Recognition Integrated with the MXSERVER Cloud-Enabled Media Analysis Platform


Integrated Offering Combines MXSERVER’s Proven Ability to Massively Scale the Processing of Vast Quantities of Video and Photographs with the NIST Demonstrated Accuracy of Toshiba’s Face Recognition Library




London, UK — 15 March 2016Allevate Limited today announced that, working cooperatively with Tygart Technology, it is now offering Toshiba’s Face Recognition Software Library as an integrated component of Tygart’s MXSERVER™ to enable European government, law enforcement and security agencies to further enhance public safety. MXSERVER is an algorithm-agnostic, cloud-enabled system that processes vast quantities of video and photo collections to transform these digital assets into searchable resources by using face recognition.

According to Allevate, one of the key strengths of Tygart’s MXSERVER is the fact that it is agnostic to and can be deployed with multiple commercially available face recognition algorithms (COTS) or government developed face recognition algorithms (GOTS). This enables Allevate to work co-operatively with the end-user and algorithm vendors to determine the most appropriate selection of algorithm to meet each client’s unique needs. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to continually improve performance by using the best available algorithm over the life of the project as requirements change. Traditionally, having purchased an entire turn-key platform from a specific face recognition algorithm vendor, clients would have to sacrifice their entire investment in that vendor’s platform should they wish to change the underlying algorithms for any reason. MXSERVER enables clients to leverage their investment in a scalable Enterprise Grade technology platform by only changing the underlying algorithm components.

Toshiba’s Face Recognition Software Library is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides automated face detection and tracking in videos and photos, face recognition matching and photograph quality assessment.  The combination of this SDK with MXSERVER will provide government, law enforcement and security agencies with enhanced surveillance, monitoring and forensic analysis capabilities.

An Allevate spokesman said “Toshiba is one of the leading providers of face recognition technology and continues to be one of the top performers as demonstrated by independent testing by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)”. He continued “We are very pleased to offer our clients further flexibility with the provision of Tygart’s MXSERVER with a Toshiba-inside option.”

“We are very proud of the accuracy and price performance ratio of Toshiba’s enterprise-grade software algorithms, based on the result of FRV2013 by NIST,” said Nobuyoshi Enomoto, Deputy Senior Manager of Toshiba. “Integration with the MXSERVER cloud-enabled platform strengthens our offering with a scalable search and index capability to support real-time surveillance and monitoring for public security and post-event forensic analysis.” He continues “We are pleased to be working with Allevate to make this joint offering available to Europe’s law-enforcement, intelligence and security agencies.”



MXSERVER is a cloud-architected face recognition system that processes vast quantities of video and photo collections extracted from police body cameras, online sources, surveillance systems, digital forensics and, increasingly, “crowd-sourced” from the public.

MXSERVER can transform these digital assets into searchable resources. Using face recognition technology it searches media archives to find individuals of interest. It also indexes the media to enable it to be searched using a photograph. Trained investigators are freed to intelligently apply their skills without having to view countless hours of media.

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