Allevate Announces Availability of SaaS Face Recognition Service on UK’s Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud 8)

newsreleasePowerful Cloud-Enabled Video and Photographic Forensic Analysis System Incorporating Face Recognition is available to all UK government, intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to assist in combatting crime and terrorist activities. MXSERVER, enabled by Sungard Availability Services, automates the bulk-processing of media for forensic analysis and is already proven by US Federal agencies to provide an “Order of Magnitude” efficiency gain and significantly enhanced identification of suspects.

LONDON, UK 02 August 2016:  Allevate today announces that MXSERVER is available on the UK Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 8 Framework.  Allevate’s SaaS G-Cloud offering is enabled by Sungard Availability Services, who provides a Secure Managed Cloud IaaS and PaaS platform, with OFFICIAL classification, for UK Government Service Provision.

Our security services are faced with a relentless increase in digital media — from CCTV and surveillance cameras, police body worn video, online sources such as Facebook and YouTube, confiscated phones and computers and, increasingly, ‘crowd-sourced’ from members of the public. There has been no easy and cost-effective way to access the intelligence this media contains. Experienced and expensive human capital has been assigned the rote task of watching countless hours of video in the hope of finding useful information.

MXSERVER, from Tygart Technology, processes vast amounts of textual, video and photo collections quickly – automatically discovering, grouping and extracting segments depicting people. Using face recognition technology, this solution searches media archives to find other assets which depict individuals of interest. It also indexes the digital media to enable it to be efficiently searched using a photograph of a face, previewed and analysed via an intuitive web-based user interface. Results become available in minutes rather than hours or days because the digital media files are processed in parallel over a distributed cloud-architecture.

Allevate emphasizes that “MXSERVER delivers a Big Data solution for law-enforcement’s growing video and photo assets. It provides a significantly enhanced identification capability that is quicker and more efficient than manually watching video. “

From today, access to both the software and all hosting and storage services are available on Digital Services Marketplace G-Cloud 8 framework using an easy to calculate monthly service fee. The G-Cloud catalogue is open to all public sector clients and is designed to provide a simple streamlined process for buying ICT focused products and services as a commodity without having to invite tenders from suppliers.

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