Ethical Use of Facial Recognition: Doing the Right Thing

This past week, we at Allevate had to take a decision that, at the time, seemed difficult but, in hindsight, was the only course of action to ensure we were doing the right thing.

We were being lined up for a large, national and significant overseas government deployment of our Face-Searcher Facial Recognition Solution.

Though there were no legal obstacles or export restrictions to the government in question, our investigations made clear there were significant human rights considerations and evidence of civil rights abuses that were too great to ignore. This revenue would have been a major boon, but we realised we could not have undertaken this project and felt good about it.

Facial Recognition technology has the ability to significantly improve Public Safety, but we are all too aware it is also subject to abuse. We are determined to do our upmost to stay on the right side of the line and ensure our technology be a force for good and societal positive improvement, not oppression and suppression of rights.

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